Transparent Replacement for CA TSOPLUS™

CA TSOPLUS™ customers facing “End of Life” and “End of Support” can migrate to a fully supported replacement environment with TASKLIB+ and Launch Express from Relational Architects International (RAI).  RAI is working directly with CA Technologies and CA TSOPLUS™ customers to ensure a seamless and transparent migration for users.

TASKLIB+ and Launch Express deliver the benefits of dynamic task and step libraries and fully “dynamic ISPF” in a pair of commercial products backed by knowledgeable, responsive and professional support.  TASKLIB+ implements the STEPLIBX facility of CA TSOPLUS™ while Launch Express provides full support of the On Demand Application (ODA) feature being sunsetted by CA.  TSOPLUS™ shops can transition to a fully supported solution as their maintenance terms expire.

TASKLIB+ and Launch Express together offer a complete solution and methodology for managing ISPF applications and the dialog libraries they require (including load libraries).  z/OS shops can dramatically improve TSO logon times while simplifying and extending their TSO/ISPF environment.  Multiple LOGON procedures and repetitive LOGON / LOGOFF sequences can be eliminated.  Shops can instead standardize on a single, simple LOGON procedure for all users.  TSO/ISPF users can also access and switch among multiple Db2 subsystems within a single ISPF session.

TASKLIB+ and Launch Express install and deploy seamlessly without an IPL and run with all releases of z/OS whose IBM support status is current — including z/OS V2.1.

TSOPLUS is a software product of CA® Technologies.

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