Dynamic Task and STEP Libraries

TASKLIB lets you reconfigure your STEPLIB and task library concatenations dynamically within ISPF and maintain a discrete search order for each logical screen.  TASKLIB can dramatically improve the performance of the TSO LOGON procedure and permits all users to share a single, simple LOGON proc.  Program search times are minimized with TASKLIB and repetitive LOGON/LOGOFF sequences are eliminated.

TASKLIB seamlessly extends the ISPF LIBDEF ISPLLIB service so you can run ISPF applications that issue ATTACH, LINK, LOAD and XCTL macros and avoid the S806 abends that are otherwise inevitable.

TASKLIB supports task library stacking and recursive invocation and provides a comprehensive display of TSO/ISPF tasks and load library allocations.

TASKLIB lets you switch among multiple Db2 subsystems during an ISPF session, promotes more granular security for applications and enables sites to achieve significant cost savings.

TASKLIB is a proven replacement for TSOPLUS™.  A companion product, Launch Express for ISPF, also provides additional functionality.  It is a complete solution and methodology for ISPF application management.  It can reduce LOGON CPU and elapsed times by as much as 90% and dramatically simplify LOGON procedure maintenance.  Launch Express lets you run any ISPF application dynamically and enables access to multiple Db2 subsystems within a single ISPF session. Together, the TASKLIB and Launch Express products provide a considerably more functional alternative to older products like CA TSOPLUS™

TSOPLUS is a software product of CA® Technologies.

Minimize program
search times
and eliminate

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manage your
task library
while active
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