Checkpoint Restart for z/OS Batch Applications

Smart/RESTART makes it as easy as possible to endow both new and existing z/OS batch applications with restart capability — without complicated restart logic or cumbersome operational procedures. Often without changes to source code.  Smart/RESTART keeps changes to Db2, WebSphere MQ, IMS and other RRS compliant resources in sync with your program's sequential file and cursor position, application storage and random VSAM updates.  This allows restart enabled applications to resume execution near the point of failure — after abends, recompiles, even system IPLs — with all its resources in a consistent state.

Smart/RESTART enables z/OS batch applications implemented as any combination of COBOL, PL/I, ASSEMBLER, C and C++ modules to run restartably.  Restart enablement with Smart/RESTART is transparent and efficient and supports familiar debugging tools such as XPEDITER ™,  CA InterTest ™ Batch and IBM Debug Tool.

Smart/RESTART is Sysplex ready and exploits WLM and Db2 Data Sharing facilities.  A jobstep running under Smart/RESTART control can begin execution on one member of a Db2 Data Sharing Group (and one LPAR) and restart on another member of the same of Db2 Data Sharing Group (and another LPAR within the Sysplex).

Smart/RESTART fully supports large format datasets, SMS compressed and extended format datasets and interoperates with DFSMS Advanced Copy Services like XRC, PPRC and FlashCopy.  Smart/RESTART enhances your disaster recovery capabilities to provide a total batch recovery solution.

Smart/RESTART is a robust, reliable and proven solution that Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide use to run their mission-critical z/OS batch applications restartably.  Over 15 years of development and refinement are invested in Smart/RESTART to make it the seasoned, mature product it is today.  It's the solution of choice when you need to process your z/OS batch workloads reliably, securely and with complete data integrity.  Smart/RESTART is the most trusted restart solution on the market and the standard for z/OS batch application recovery and restart — worldwide.

Smart/RESTART:  It's restart made simple ™

QUICKSTART ™  users can quickly and easily migrate their restartable batch applications to work with Smart/RESTART. QUICKSTART users need no longer worry whether their restart environment will break if LE service is applied or a z/OS upgrade occurs.  Nor must QUICKSTART users force their applications to run with an obsolete Language Environment or restrict their application's unit-of-work to a single resource manager.

AR/CTL™  users can also convert their restartable batch applications to work with Smart/RESTART typically without source changes of any kind.  A simple reprepare of source modules is all that's required for restartable applications defined to the BMC Regiset.

You can use AR/CTL, QUICKSTART and Smart/RESTART concurrently during the migration conversion phase so you can move from QUICKSTART to Smart/RESTART at your own pace — one application at a time or all at once.  Relational Architects has successfully converted numerous sets of AR/CTL and QUICKSTART applications (running in both API and Transparent modes) to Smart/RESTART with references to prove it.

XPEDITER is a software product of Compuware; QUICKSTART and AR/CTL are software products of BMC Software, Inc.

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