Smart/QMF Batch Facility

QMF batch failures often go undetected.  Since the jobstep appears to end normally, multi-step jobstreams don't work correctly, nor do production control systems such as OPC/ESA and CA-7.   Meanwhile, no one realizes that critical QMF production jobs haven't run.

The Smart/QMF Batch Facility (Smart/QBF) reflects Db2 SQL and QMF errors at the jobstep level — so both people and software will know when a failure occurs.  This ensures proper execution of downstream jobsteps and allows production control software to work correctly.   Later investigation can tell at a glance what went wrong because Smart/QBF writes its diagnostics directly to the JES listing or a message file you define.

Existing QMF queries and procedures run without change because Smart/QBF operates transparently within QMF. Moreover, Smart/QBF makes it easier to develop and maintain QMF batch applications.  For example, you can pass parameters to QMF procedures without ISPF file tailoring and specify error handling without a separate REXX exec or TSO CLIST.  Instead, you can simply code everything instream with the JCL.

People and
will know
when a
QMF batch
failure occurs

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The cure for
the batch
QMF blues

Smart/QBF brochureFile: smart-qbf-flyer.pdf