REXX Language eXtensions for z/OS and MVS

RLX/VSAM provides a simple and intuitive VSAM interface that's native to REXX.
It supports all read, write and delete operations on VSAM ESDS, KSDS and RRDS files — on a record and control interval basis.  It also supports control interval processing of VSAM linear datasets.  RLX/VSAM is modeled after the DFP macro interface so programmers familiar with VSAM coding conventions can use RLX/VSAM almost immediately.

RLX/SDK is an evolving Software Development Kit that affords native access to MVS system services, as well as facilities for partitioned dataset I/O, resource control, parsing, tokenizing, sorting and many other functions.

AcceleREXX dramatically improves the performance of your REXX EXECs while protecting them from modification. The AcceleREXX compiler provides an ISPF dialog framework to compile and link multiple EXECs together and even combine them into REXX function packages.

RLX/Translate converts your TSO CLISTs into REXX procedures.  Once translated, all your command procedures can be maintained as REXX execs which can be further extended and compiled with the rest of the RLX product family.

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RLX for z/OS brochureFile: rlx-for-zos-flyer.pdf

RLX/VSAM brochureFile: rlx-vsam-flyer.pdf

AcceleREXX brochureFile: accelerexx-flyer.pdf