REXX Language eXtensions for Db2

RLX lets you code Db2 SQL and SQL/XML statements and queries natively within REXX execs.  RLX REXX execs that combine SQL and XQuery statements, Db2 commands, IFI requests and RRSAF/CAF services can be developed rapidly and tested immediately.  Without compile and link edit steps.  Without preprocess and bind delays.  You can edit and test them directly within ISPF Edit and get instant feedback.

What's more, there's a minimal learning curve.  z/OS developers can leverage their skills with REXX, SQL, XML and ISPF to become productive almost immediately with pureXML and Large Objects (LOBs).  RLX harnesses the expressiveness and ease of use of REXX to get you started right away with the pureXML capabilities of Db2 for z/OS.  In addition to being an excellent means to learn and become familiar with pureXML as implemented by Db2 for z/OS, RLX is particularly well suited to prototyping high volume systems and developing tools and small applications quickly — all with immediate feedback, extensive diagnostics and context sensitive help.

RDX enables SQL/XML statements and XQuery expressions to be embedded natively within REXX execs.  RDX supports both the static SQL syntax used in compiled host languages like COBOL as well as the dynamic SQL syntax employed by IBM's DSNREXX.  In addition, RDX can run existing DSNREXX applications without source changes.  RDX is steadily enhanced to fully support new Db2 for z/OS features such as XML and LOBs (which DSNREXX does not) and to do so at General Availability.  RDX also provides useful extensions such as the ability to load SQL and XML query results directly into ISPF tables and REXX stemmed arrays in a single operation whose syntax is patterned on the SQL DECLARE CURSOR statement.  Recently, RAI positioned RDX as a replacement for the CA MAX/REXX™ product which has reached “End of Life” and “End of Support”.

RLX/SQL provides embedded SQL/XML support for REXX as robust and flexible as that for COBOL.  RLX EXECs can be developed rapidly and tested immediately without the preprocess, compile, linkedit and bind steps normally required by Db2 applications written in compiled languages.  RLX/SQL includes a DECLARE REXXSTEM service which lets you copy SQL result tables directly into REXX stemmed arrays.

RLX/TSO provides a REXX SQL implementation that, in REXX parlance, is integrated into TSO/E and exploits available ISPF facilities.  When errors occur, for example, RLX/TSO uses ISPF services to display full screen, scrollable diagnostic panels.

RLX/RRSAF allows user-written applications to create, manage and switch among multiple, concurrently active Db2 plan threads.  It enables you to connect to multiple Db2 subsystems simultaneously and lets you maintain multiple threads for each subsystem.  Both RRSAF and CAF are supported as low level Db2 attachment facilities.

RLX/ISPF provides a pair of powerful composite objects that address common processing requirements in the Db2/ISPF environment.  The RLX DECLARE ISPFTABLE service provides the means to load SQL query results directly into ISPF tables while the RLX TBDISPL service lets you display and process those results on scrollable ISPF table display panels.

RLX/NET extends REXX SQL/XML support to Net View and endows dialogs running in that environment with the look and feel of ISPF.

RLX/Compile extracts and compiles the SQL statements embedded in your REXX EXECs to produce static Db2 application plans and their associated load modules.  RLX/Compile interoperates with AcceleREXX and the REXX/370 Compiler.

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RLX for Db2 brochureFile: rlx-for-db2-flyer.pdf

RDX brochureFile: rdx_rexx_db2_ext_purexml_brochure.pdf

RLX/XML Press ReleaseFile: rdx_rexx_db2_ext_purexml_press_release.pdf