REXX Language eXtensions for Rapid Application Development

RLX designates a family of REXX Language Xtensions that endow REXX with additional capabilities.  Together they make REXX a viable replacement for compiled host languages so you can 'Do it all in REXX.'

RLX is designed to let you tackle the kinds of sophisticated applications that previously had to be coded in Assembler, PL/1 or C.  RLX includes:

  • Db2 interfaces for SQL, XML, RRSAF, CAF and IFI
  • REXX Compiler
  • SQL Compiler
  • VSAM access (reading from and writing to VSAM files from REXX)
  • CLIST to REXX translator

Rapid Application Development with RLX

RLX provides an integrated development environment for REXX which lets you develop applications very quickly.  Later you can deploy 'industrial strength' solutions that exhibit the security and performance characteristics of applications written in compiled languages — such as COBOL, PL/1, and C.  The RLX approach to application development combines the best of both worlds:

  • RLX offers streamlined development and powerful debugging facilities using interpretive REXX and dynamic SQL/XML.  You can code your applications and immediately test them right within Edit — without preprocess, compile, link-edit and bind steps.
  • Once your applications are developed and debugged, you can deploy secure, high performance load modules for production use.

RLX is designed to run everywhere REXX does.  Supported z/OS environments include TSO, batch TSO, native batch, NetView and System REXX.  RLX exploits TSO, ISPF and NetView facilities when they are available but does not require them to operate.

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test  REXX
execs right
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