Thread/SERIES Version 6.1

Relational Architects Intl (RAI) is pleased to announce the availability of Thread/SERIES Version 6.1 for immediate download or shipment. With this release, RAI continues its investment in Db2 thread management and delivers the enhanced capabilities requested by our customers, including:

  1. 1.  Full support for Db2 9 for z/OS
  2. 2.  Enhanced Unicode and Db2 data sharing support
  3. 3.  Enhanced idle thread management and the ability to immediately cancel inactive database access threads

Although IBM improves the Db2 CANCEL command with each release, cases remain where Db2 CANCEL doesn't work. When threads fail to respond to normal Db2 cancellation processing, Thread/SERIES can issue Db2, z/OS, TCP/IP, SNA/VTAM, IMS and/or CICS commands — separately or in combination — to escalate the cancel and terminate the thread. For example, Db2 marks inactive database access threads (DBATs) as cancelled, but cancellation is actually deferred until the thread becomes active again. When necessary, Thread/SERIES can DROP the communication connections which underlie the thread and remove the thread right away.

Thread/SENTRY embeds DBA intelligence in a rule based, expert system that detects Db2 problem threads in real-time and takes fast, corrective action to resolve problems - before users start calling the help desk. You can predefine Db2 problem threads in terms of 100's of threshold measurements that supplement RLF and the QMF Governor. Thread/SENTRY acts quickly and automatically, to drastically reduce the number of problems which need to be resolved manually.

Thread/STOPPER provides a manual means for authorized users to cancel Db2 problem threads gracefully, safely and with minimal impact. For example, the Thread/STOPPER batch facility can clear the way for Db2 utilities and applications to run free of contention by canceling threads that hold locks on the Db2 objects these critical jobs require -- all without operator intervention.

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