Db2 'problem' threads controlled automatically

Hoboken, New Jersey

Relational Architects International (RAI) today introduced a rule based, expert system named Thread/SENTRY to regulate Db2 thread and lock activity.

"Thread/SENTRY lets you deal with the inevitable operational mistakes, network failures, application errors and runaway queries that create Db2 'problem' threads," according to Carl Feinberg, RAI's Director of Development.
"Thread/ SENTRY is intelligent enough to resolve Db2 problem threads without human intervention," claims Feinberg. "Thread/SENTRY works tirelessly, around the clock, to safeguard your Db2 subsystems and their users."

Db2 'problem' threads can be predefined in terms of over 100 threshold measurements -- such as CPU time, idleness and the number of SQL statements executed. Once it detects a violation, Thread/SENTRY can issue a warning, cancel the thread or request a reply from the console operator. "You can even direct Thread/SENTRY to call your own program or REXX script to decide what to do," according to Feinberg.

Thread/SENTRY uses Db2, MVS and/or VTAM commands -- both individually and in combination -- to cancel threads. "Thread/SENTRY automatically determines the correct method to use, based on the thread's current state. It can cancel applications that are looping or hung up in VTAM, where the Db2 CANCEL THREAD command has no effect," explained Feinberg. Also, "Thread/SENTRY goes beyond the Db2 and QMF governors" which only limit individual instances of dynamic SQL statements. The IBM supplied governors "can regulate looping programs or applications that issue static SQL," the vendor claimed.

Thread/SENTRY halts runaway queries and can automatically detect idle threads and release their resources.

Thread/SENTRY supports all local and distributed threads including CICS and IMS transactions, client/server gateways, TSO and QMF sessions, batch applications and Db2 utilities. According to the vendor, the product maintains an extensive audit trail of thread violations and corrective actions "in a standard Db2 table." Thread/SENTRY notifies the owner of the thread when it takes action and can also notify a list of administrators when warnings are issued or threads are canceled.

Bottom line, "Thread/SENTRY resolves Db2 problems fast, before users start calling the help desk," Feinberg concluded. "It drastically reduces the number of problems which need to be resolved manually." Prices for Thread/SENTRY start at $6,800. RAI can be reached at (USA) 201 420-0400.